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Now that you’re a member of Two Degrees, it’s time to start inviting people you know to join and share!  Here’s a list of people to jump start some ideas for you:

The most obvious one is people that you want to share your place with.  Even though your family and close friends can call and just set up a time, that’s a lot of planning time and too many emails and text messages to manage.  Get them all used to using your Two Degrees availability calendar!

The next group should be people who have a place that you want to visit.  Either you love their place or they live in a city that’s on your travel bucket list, reach out and invite them.  Whether they are cool letting you have the place when they’re not around or if you want to hang out with them at their ultra luxurious mini mansion, don’t hesitate to get them to join. 

Think also about people who are always hosting.  It seems that their friends and relatives are always visiting no matter what time of year. They are the consummate entertainer and being part of Two Degrees will simply help them a lot.

People who simply travel a lot and sometimes stay with friends or relatives are ideal for Two Degrees.  They might not host a lot but love to spend time with others when they travel.

Friend of friends whom you’d either like to help out or hang out with more.  Sometimes you want to get to know people better, with a different dynamic.  There’s nothing better than hosting someone in your place to really get to know them.  Often having houseguests creates opportunities for you to explore your city in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily do on your own.  Alternatively, when you’re feeling generous, offer your place to friends of friends when you’re not using it (using the visibility setting on your property listings.)  They’ll appreciate the favor and feel a closer connection anyway. 

People who share a common interest with you.  These could be people that you would travel to, or meet up somewhere new, to participate in a common interest activity like skiing or gourmet cooking or museum-hopping.  It doesn’t matter what the interest is, what matters is that traveling someplace and doing it together can open you both up to new ways of experiencing it.  

Short-term rental property owners who sometimes share with friends and families.  Sometimes Airbnb or VRBO hosts have a vacancy and they let friends and family stay there for free or just the cleaning charge.  They can sync their Two Degrees calendar with their Airbnb and VRBO calendars so there’s no effort on their part to update it separately. 

People that you know who are connectors. Some people are just not interested in hosting you at their home, or maybe it’s really not someplace you would like to go anyway.  But maybe you know that they are connected to people who regularly share their places with friends and family (perhaps your friend even).  Inviting someone and encouraging them to invite their friends with a generous heart and a cool place to stay, just might increase your travel opportunities as a friend of friend traveler.

Hopefully this sparked some ideas for you to invite some people to the Two Degrees community.  Get started inviting others and let the adventures begin!