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Visiting friends and relatives is a huge part of our travel experiences. We all have a memory or two of hosting or staying at a friend’s place. Here are some memories shared by members of the Two Degrees community. Check in from time to time to read new stories here or on our blog. Do you have a story to share? Contact us and let us know!

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“We moved to London, England for work and a colleague asked if we had space to put up her son and his friend who were traveling to Europe. Jansen and Rosalie arrived and stayed for a week, during which time we explored the city and pubs together and developed a good friendship. Jansen moved from a second degree friend to our new friend and has visited us in every city where we have lived since that time, and we have visited him, as well. Rosalie wound up being a nanny in Barcelona, so when we traveled to Barcelona later that year, we met up for a meal and she showed us around. We continue to be connected through social media.”

Ron O.2014

“Our 23-year-old niece got tickets to a hard-to-get concert on New Year's Eve in Calgary. She and her fiancé live in Toronto and could just about afford the concert tickets and train ride Out West. A friend of ours has a place in Calgary and agreed without any hesitation to host their stay during this expensive time of year. What resulted was a new second-degree friendship among all of them. In addition, our friend felt good about helping young adults save money, giving them an opportunity to visit a new city and enjoy a memorable event.”

Bridget B.2019

“I was traveling to a bachelorette party at a beach home in Rosemary Beach, FL with a group of women, most of whom I'd never met. The beach home was owned by a friend of one of the women, Tracie, who had offered it up as a place where we could all meet and celebrate our bachelorette, Lindsey. We all met and had a lovely time on the beach and in the house. It was such a lovely time, in fact, that this group of women forged a strong bond and began traveling together both to destinations and to each other's homes as they'd pass through on business, road trips, or even for life's sadder moments. We've seen house fires, the deaths of parents, the deaths of spouses, and we all know we always have a place in the other's home, no questions asked.”

Kris D.2017


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