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Visiting friends and relatives is a huge part of travel.  Every year, people host and visit their friends and family for fun and tradition or for events like weddings and family reunions – and Two Degrees was built to simplify this!  Using Two Degrees to not only coordinate who will be where, but locking down arrivals, departures and the house rules beforehand will minimize the need for any awkward conversations.

But there are also many other ways and reasons why our community uses Two Degrees.

Take care of my place.

When you are going to be gone from your place, consider making it available to your network so that they can get the mail, water the plants, feed the cat, start the cars, or any number of easy household chores to ensure your place stays in tip-top shape, and they get to be somewhere new.  

Give a trip,
get a place to stay.

Sometimes you need to travel to a city during one of its busiest seasons which of course means price surges at short-term rentals and hotels – if there are any vacancies at all.  If you happen to have a Two Degrees connection who lives there but they don’t have room for you, consider sending them on a mini-vacation somewhere else so that you can use their place while they are gone.

I’ll trade ya!

Find a friend who lives somewhere that you want to travel and see if they are interested in swapping places with you, whether at the same time, or at different times.  Maybe it winds up with two shared times together in different cities, or just one, but it is all up to you to collaborate on.

Invite interesting people.

There is no reason to invite just people you already hang out with.  Think of friends of friends who have second homes, or  primary homes in places you would like to visit. By offering to share your place with them, they just might reciprocate.  Or just invite people to join simply because you think that they could really use it.

Let’s plan a trip together.

The annual girls getaway weekend or guys golf trip is a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work.  Make your life simpler by using Two Degrees to post the hotel or rental house you’ll all be sharing and then start a Group to corral the communications.

Helping out financially.

Maybe you know people who really can’t afford to travel much – college kids, new parents, etc.  They might be able to swing the transportation, but hotel, meals out, etc. exceeds their budget.  Give them a treat by hosting them or letting them use your place when you’re away.

Temporary living
during a renovation.

If you’re having major work done on your house and it’s not practical to live in it during the project, you’ll need to go somewhere else. You also don’t want to travel because it’s smart to be involved and readily available to give input to the contractors on the regular. (Those of you who have survived a major renovation know what we’re talking about.) Search Two Degrees properties by location with the map feature and that’s one less reno-headache on that long list.

There you have it – lots of ways to use Two Degrees to simplify things you’re doing all the time.