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Whether you’re a seasoned pro at hosting or this is your first time having people over, there are some basics that will make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in your home. By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your guests have a great time and leave with fond memories of their stay.


When people stay at your place for no charge or an exchange of a favor, they will overlook a lot of things, but dirt is not one of them. This cannot be stressed enough! Be sure that their sheets and pillows are clean and newly laundered. While still technically “clean”, sheets that were washed months ago and stored in a linen closet still have a funky smell. This goes the same for towels they will be using. Most importantly, any bathrooms your guests will use should be clean and mostly free of your personal items. No one wants to see an old toothbrush or shaving cream can with dried bits on it. If you’re sharing this space with your guests, make room for them and make sure your stuff is all wiped down.

Think ahead about their arrival

Especially if you’re not going to be there. Getting  into your place is second nature to you, but it might not be that clear for guests. Keys, garage doors, access codes, alarms are all potential for sharing information. See our blog post They’re coming, now what? for a quick checklist. 

Help them decide fun things to do by giving them lots of recommendations for popular local attractions, restaurants or just enjoying your space.  At Two Degrees, we believe that when you host, you become a better tourist in your own town. If you’re going to take time off work to spend some time with your guests, come up with a list of a wide range of  things to do ahead of time. Just be clear that you’re making suggestions and that it’s entirely up to them so they don’t feel awkward turning down anything on your list.


Are you showered and dressed before you show up in the kitchen in the morning?  Or do you like to take your time and hang out in your pjs to start the day slowly?  Let your guests know this kind of routine so they won’t wonder on their first morning.  

Find out their creature comforts Some people have very specific ways they like their coffee. Do they like to get up early or sleep in? What’s a great place for their morning jog? Putting snacks and bottled water in their room goes a long way for overnight guests. It’s cool to have new experiences but it’s nice when people can carry some of their old habits along on the trip. 

No complaining

Nothing can make your guest feel more uncomfortable than their host complaining about anything related to their visit.  It’s OK to whine a bit here and there – we are all guilty of that.  But, if you’re constantly grinding on any topic that’s bugging you, then that’s mostly what your guests will remember from their trip.  Stay positive!  Even if you’re not really feeling it.  

Ask for help

If you’re preparing dinner for everyone, include your guests. People like to feel useful, especially when they’re out of their own environment. Ask if they want to tag along if you have to run an errand. Casual interactions during these kinds of informal moments create the deepest connections.  Trust us, we know about making deep connections. 

Generally speaking, think about what you’d appreciate in a host when you’re traveling  and be that person!  Two Degrees is built for your trusted network.  Keep earning it and make that visit a new annual tradition!