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You’re having Two Degrees house guests this weekend. You’ve been looking forward to their visit for a while and now it’s time to make sure you’re ready.  Here’s a list of quick tips to be ready for your guests even if you’ve done this before: 

Things people want to know about when they get there:

  • Before they get in the door  Where should they park?  How do they get in your building?  Or get in your house?  If you’re not home or picking them up, provide these details ahead of time. 
  • Wi-Fi code  They’ll want this the minute they walk in the door.  If you share your space when you’re not there, leave a sign that they will see right when they arrive.  Some people email this info ahead of time.
    • How to operate the smart TV/sound system  If you’re sharing your space when you’re not home, you really don’t want any calls at an inconvenient time to explain these steps to someone on the phone.  (Ask us how we know this…)  By the time they call, they’ve probably pressed a few buttons you wish they hadn’t and it will be at least 30 minutes of tech support to help them get the TV watchable.  Clear, step-by-step instructions are helpful and we recommend that you have someone test them out for you to make sure you got everything clear. 
  • Trash and recycling  This is different in different areas, so be clear.  
      • What:  Items that you recycle and what not to recycle.  Tell them “when in doubt, put it in the trash.”
      • How:  Flatten boxes, rinse out glass and plastic, stuff like that. 
      • Where:  
        • If you have certain bins for recycling in or outside the house for them to use, be specific. 
        • If you live in a city or campus where you periodically walk the recycling and trash to a location nearby, provide that information.
      • When is it collected by your city?  When to put the bins by the curb?  
  • Flushing stuff down the toilet  If your space is not “anything goes”, then you need to let people know both verbally and with reminder signs next to the toilets  On Amazon you can find a straightforward sign or a more lighthearted one
    • If you have a well or septic system that’s sensitive
    • Boats/ships/yachts always have special disposal rules, so make them clear


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